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F. Celebration of Life 

Notre Dame High School 
Reunion 1 938- 1 968 

October 7, 8 and 9th, 20 1 1 

**^v YtfarZ, 


When we walk through these doors 

there will be no clocks, 

there will be no mirrors, 

no sadness or sorrow; 

no regret or disappointment. 

Jacob Edwards Library 

236 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA 01550 

There will be smiles and laughter; 
friendly handshakes and warm embraces. 
There will be the telling of tales 
and the swapping of little white lies. 

Old friendship will be renewed, 
lost ones found and new ones made. 

Music will make our bodies sway 

and our hearts dance. 

And when the night is done... 

We will hold onto these moments 
like the fireflies we once held in a jar 
and delight in their beauty. 

Author unknown 



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u&aA/ to- tt\A/x oeteJ^^wtOo^n/, wfvOoh faypqw/rvb to- bv thd/ 
50th OMrfvweMaMy ofy oWi tyuzMAafc&n/. }[o- trvaMfA wheM/ 

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rrvaxCe/, oWv hiA^v tch&&(/ |%nA wM cdwaAAA be/ the/ 
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ofrtfve/ C/Uw* ofy is&i thcvt imma/ have/ cv <V\&a& a/rub 
e/nAo^cUrte/ we^A^/ruC. fiexicttyMA/riA/ w^Ah^eZv-eA wOth old/ 

^%ru^/ O/Yub etfe/n/ trveAA/ 0/ rUW o*M/ o*i two-. J)&yv't fyo*v\eA' 

to- t&a/J/ etfe/vu&yve/ hefty, e^eMy^rve/ wh& coiA&dw/'t be/ he/w, 
b\A&, Trvotfs ofy all, t&atf' OAvd otleMiaM/ Ufa/. 

CslaM/ofy 19&1 

Jacob Edwards Library 

236 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA I 

Schedule of Events: 

Friday, October 7, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

A Meet & Greet at Old Sturbridge Village's Oliver Wight Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village. 

Saturday morning, October 8, 9:00 a.m. to Noon A 9-hole golf outing. 

Saturday afternoon, October 8 

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Notre Dame High School on Marcy Street in Southbridge 

will be open for a walk down Memory Lane. 

1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Vintage Cars Display at the Sturbridge Host Hotel & 
Conference Center parking lot. 

Saturday evening, October 8, 6:00 p.m. to Midnight 

Cocktails, a plated dinner, followed by a great evening of music and dance with the 
Compaq Big Band, a 20-piece orchestra. And "DJ Dave" Lamontagne '66 for 
more nostalgic music and fun. 

Sunday, October 9, Sunday Mass, 8:00 a.m. A special reunion Mass will be celebrated 
at Notre Dame Church in Southbridge by Fr. Peter Joyce, Pastor, followed by a brunch at the 
Oliver Wight Tavern. 

The Reunion Steering Committee 

Louise Allard Ferron 
Class of 1961 

Nancy Dugas Boulanger 
Class of I960 

George Proulx 
Class of 1961 

Madeleine Blinn Richard 
Class of 1961 

Roger Farrand 
Class of 1962 

David Stevens 
Class of 1961 

Madeleine Brodeur Stevens 
Class of 1967 

Julianne Hetu 
Class of 1963 

Margaret Trahan Farrand 
Class of 1962 

Jeanne Caron Turner 
Class of 1961 

Judy Langlois Stevens 
Class of 1961 

Pauline Yvon Borden 
Class of 1961 

Cover illustrations by Rex Stewart 

Memories of 

The Way We Were 

It is the innate intent of every parent to provide the 
very best for his child. As it is today, so was it of notable 
concern in the early 1930s. This decade witnessed a 
world in constant transition — massive industrialization, 
innovative science, aggressive medicine, progressive 
ideologies, permissive mores and a global culture reflec- 
tive of the day. In response, our forefathers proposed 
a compelling reformation of their educational system; 
namely, the inclusion of a school of "higher" learning. 

Our beloved Alma Mater rose from humble 
beginnings, the brainchild of the working father, the 
nurturing mother, the enterprising clergy. Regardless 
of social status, each was driven to provide a formal 
education, a modern education compliant with Catholic 
principles. Christian values. A primary education was 
now considered obsolete. Through the 
combined efforts of the diocese, Notre 
Dame parishioners, and the business 
community, Academie Notre Dame 
was born. 

In 1934, Monsignor Marie Athanase 
Desrochers commissioned the Sisters of 
Assumption (SASV) to staff the newly 
created high school. That September she 
welcomed her first students, a group of 
young ladies, each very eager to learn. 
Their one-room "center of education" was 
situated on the third floor in the Notre Dame 
Pine Street school. A year later, in response 
to a growing population, three more classrooms were 
implemented. Additionally, a closet was converted 

into "the typing room," forever banishing the 
disconcerting "rat-a-tat" into seclusion. A number of 
young men had now enrolled into the program, only 
to join the workforce at the tender age of sixteen. A 
curriculum of Religion, Histoire Sainte, Langue 
Frangaise and Literature was introduced, along with 
a basic commercial course of typing and shorthand. 
At that time, Gregg Shorthand was an integral 
component of a secretary's portfolio. Accordingly, 
medals of proficiency were awarded upon successful 
completion of the subject matter. Later, Bookkeeping 
and Business Law would supplement the syllabus. 

The Sisters, namely, Reverend Sisters Rolande, 
Frangois de L'Enfant Jesus, Helene du Crucifix and 
Paul du Sacre Coeur, accepted their daunting challenge 

with fervor, with a dedication to 
render their fledgling students an 
education befitting the times. To 
that end, tutoring was afforded 
a sickly student, with evening 
sessions held in Sister Rolande's 
private quarters. In June, 1938, 
amid the proverbial "pomp and 
circumstance," Academie Notre 
Dame graduated her first seniors: 
valedictorian Rita Archambeault 
Carrier, Charlotte Berthiaume 
Brodeur and Irene Lavallee Avery. 
Throughout the years, Charlotte 
would often boast, albeit tongue in cheek, "I graduated 
third in my class." There were only three! 

Academie Notre Dame graduated 
her first seniors: left to right, Irene 
Lavallee Avery, valedictorian Rita 
Archambeault Carrier, and Charlotte 
Berthiaume Brodeur. 

Jacob Edwards Library 

236 Main St. 
Southbridge, MA 01 . 

Our school continued to prosper into the early 
forties, only to relinquish her student body to the 
war. As young men fought the enemy line, women 
manned the hometown factory. Uncle Sam called; 
they answered. Evidence shows in 1949 only four 
graduated. However, the postwar years told a different 
story. A growth spurt called for expansion; the annex 
of four classrooms opened in 1 95 1 . At this time she 
celebrated the birth of her "homeroom." Now every 
freshman, sophomore, junior and senior enjoyed the 
comfort of his own classroom, each assigned his 
personal desk. What was more, college preparatory 
courses came to the fore. It was evident Notre Dame 
was earmarked for greatness! 

The fifties heralded her "coming of age." A strong 
student population could now 
support competitive sports 
and social events. Although 
the customary home parties 
and after school socializing 
at Blondie's endured, baseball 
and basketball games, CYC 
activities, Glee Club concerts 
and the Saturday Night Dance 
emerged. And at long last the 
widely anticipated prom debuted, eclipsing the formal 
dance of bygone days. In the spring of '51, Notre Dame 
Hall hosted her inaugural ball. The venue of old, Le 
Cercle Canadien, could no longer accommodate a large 
attendance. Young ladies donned gowns of taffeta; the 
gentlemen sported their handsome finery. The orchestra 
played, couples danced, chaperones kept a watchful eye. 

An occasional admonishment, "S'il vous plait, laissez 
I'espace pour le Saint Esprit," echoed throughout the 
hall. Hum, what would they have said today? 

Again the call for modernization was sounded. 
The college bound senior required a nationally 
accredited program. Consequently, essential criteria 
were addressed. Her grassroots education, now severely 
deficient, exacted a degreed faculty. The dated curricu- 
lum petitioned extensive revision. The empirical science 
claimed a "testing ground," a hands-on laboratory; the 
curious mind envisioned an adequately stacked library; 
the social activity fancied a suitable assembly area. And 
the growling stomach? It craved its "just desserts," a 
well-appointed cafeteria. Au revoir, PB and J! 

In his 1953 sermon, Monsignorjean-Baptiste 

Lamothe announced construction of an additional 
building was under serious advisement. The 
proposed Marcy Street school would supple- 
ment the Pine Street annex. Committees formed, 
fundraisers canvassed, architects designed, 
contractors labored. All concurred this would be a 
"state-of the-art" facility, with every requirement 
properly addressed. Five classrooms, two offices, 
a biology/chemistry/physics laboratory, library and 
cafeteria/activities "hall" surfaced, as planned. 





Amid euphoric jubilation, 
the cornerstone was laid in 

1954. She would formally 
address her venturesome 
student body in September, 

1955. His Excellency John J. 
Wright, Bishop of Worces- 
ter, offered his ceremonious 

blessing, parishioners reveled in pride, the student choir 
sang her praises. A new world of enlightenment lay 
before her. At last, Notre Dame had realized her 
estimable position in the world of education. 

Headmaster Reverend Claude Lamothe and his 
successors, Reverends Paul Choquette, Charles 
Gendreau and Paul Charpentier guided her through her 
educational journey. She would nurture, teach, laugh 
and cry for ten more years. Academics progressed, 
extracurriculars enlightened and entertained, sports 
cheered on. The National Honor Society reinforced 
this mission. Medals, ribbons and trophies attested 
to her mettle — math and science fairs, declamation 
contests, French and Latin national competitions, writing 
exposes, business exhibitions, Glee Club sing-offs, play 
reenactments, sports tourneys. 1962 marked a social 
event worthy of comment; namely, the CYC hop hosted 
by WBZ's Dave Maynard. In 1964, she entered the 
basketball limelight. The "mighty, mighty" Teddy Bears 
were County Catholic League champions. Additionally, 
a decisive victory over arch-rival Southbridge High 
School garnered them the first Tri-Area League title; and, 
"la piece de resistance," an impressive State Class C 
Championship in Lawrence. The following year, the 

"Flying Frenchmen" were 
County League repeats, 
only to fall short to St. 
Columbkille in the state 

In the summer of 1965, 
an overwhelming melan- 
choly pervaded her spirit. 
Effective that September, Notre Dame High School 
would join forces with her neighbor, St. Mary High 
School — a diocesan decree had been proclaimed. Much 
to their chagrin, the students and faculties assimilated, 
albeit with initial resistance, to form Marianhill Central 
Catholic High School. Remnants of each survived the 
merger until September, 1968. Henceforth, her offspring 
would assume her sole identity. Sadly, her life's work had 
come to an abrupt end. 

Unto this day her legacy lingers on. Our Alma 
Mater's visible testament lives within us, — the clergy, 
the medical and legal professional, the academic, the 
scientist, the entrepreneur, the businessperson. More- 
over, let us not overlook the mother and the father. We 
all passed through her hallowed halls enriched with an 
education rooted in Catholic principles, Christian values, 
those very teachings pioneered in 1938. And that, my 
fellow schoolmates, was the way we were. 

Madeleine Brodeur Stevens 
Class of 1967 
October 7, 2011 

Class Listing 


Irene Lavallee Avery 

Rita Archambeault Carrier* 

Charlotte Berthiaume Brodeur* 


Sr. yvette Antaya 

Herman Bachand* 

Pearl Cantara Bellerive 

Ruth Donais Osimo* 

Marie Meunier Guertin* 

Berthe Normandin Ducheneau* 

Ernest Peloquin* 

Gabrielle Plouffe Julian* 

Albert Renaud 

Madeleine Sansoucy Gervais* 


Ida Archambeault Vlach 
Lillian Brodeur 

Lorraine Champeau DiFederico 
Therese Corriveau lozzo 
Rita Daignault* 
Armand Laporte* 
Lorraine Dumas Larochelle 
Rita Lavalle* 

Therese Duquette Staves 
Jeanne Ethier Bernard 
Yvette Lariviere Laporte 
Rita Lataille Beaudry 
Sr. Jeanne d'Arc Poiner 
Helen Talbot Renaud* 
Constance Richard Stockdale 
Cecile St. Armant Caouette 


Juliette Duquette Archambeault 

Doris Courchesne* 

Therese Demers Cagnon* 

Rachel Farland* 

Lilliane Lemire* 

Gloria Mandeville Diamond* 

Lilliane Smith* 


Gertrude Biron Parenteau 
Doris Chamberland Bachand* 
Leonard Champeau 
Irene Duff Simonelli 
Pauline Duff Brodeur* 
Arthur Duquette 
Rita Gagnon Duhamel 
Vivian Gaumond Lamontagne* 
Irene Gibeault* 
Jerome Guertin* 
Elzear (Alfred) Lamontagne* 
Violette Lavigueur 
Jeannette (Jeanne) Lemoine 

Lorraine Manderville* 
Dons Renaud Guertin* 


Viola Beaudry* 

Gabrielle Chartier Duquette 

Angelique Gaumond Daigle 

Roland Lavallee* 

Jeanne Leduc Poulin 

Leon Poulin* 

Claude Savaria Dumas 


Rita Benoit Julian 
George Boulanger 
Lorraine Cantara McNamara 
Pauline Casaubon* 
Adelina Mandeville Carpentier 
Therese Cournoyer Smick* 
Ida Normandin Viens 
Doris Richard DiGregorio 
Pauline Simpson Peloquin 
Rene Trahan 


Anita Bonvouloir* 
Roland Champeau* 
Albina Corriveau* 
Theresa Duhamel Roy 
Therese Gagne LaMere 
Therese Lachapelle Peck 
Yvette Lazure* 
Gerald Lemoine* 
Solange Petit Ballard 
Mariette Renaud* 
Alice Viens Gervais 


Irene Archambeault Duquette 
Pauline Brodeur Hwalek* 
Lauretta Courchesne DiFederico 
Dorothy Gaumond Julian 
Lorraine Gauthier* 
Evelyn Lafortune Ravenelle 
Lucille Peloquin Campbell 
Jeanne Provost Miner 
Anita Ravenelle Corriveau* 
Phyllis Staves Champeau 


Therese Bibeau* 
Doris Brodeur Tremblay* 
Muriel Durand Rapaneau* 
Dorothy George Blais* 
Therese Gibeault Tittle* 
Gloria Trahan Bachand* 

* Deceased 



Doris Blanchet Laroche* 
Joanne Bombardier Denis 
Therese Champeau Gagnon 
Suzanne Dupuis 
Doris Emery Libuda 
Pauline Lapierre Atwood* 
Glonette Lavallee Bellerose 
Christine Leduc O'Brien 
Gloria Marchesseault Lariviere 
Lorraine Martel 
Jeanne O'Neil Fairbanks 
Gloria Tavernier Bourassa 


Shirley Anderson* 
Therese Dumas Martin 
Anita Lacasse Cuikay 
Jeanne Marchesseault 


Rachel Boucher* 
Gloria Gregoire Chase 
Therese "Terry" Huard Barthel 
Gloria Hufault Goudreau* 
Irene Madore Lafleche 
Irene Leduc* 
Sr. Lucille Pleau 
Pearl Vallee* 


Louise Allard Pierangeli 
Gloria Bachand Chauvin 
Louise Champeau Peterson 
Conrad Corriveau 
Lorraine Coutu Morin* 
Cecile Dumas Martin* 
Norman Gagnon 
Doris Lavallee Gendreau 
Louise Lefebvre Gard 
Madeleine Levesque Gaumond* 
Virginia Livernois Chouinard* 
Margueritte O'Brien Spielman 
Alice St. Onge Burkenshaw* 


Bernadette Blinn Holden 
Rachel Brodeur Tremblay 
Irene Farland Egan 
Genevieve Hetu Sole 
Lorraine Leduc Lafreniere 
Regina Lussier Mrazik 
Constance Plouffe Delvecchio 
Therese Poirier Carter 
Jeannette Rousseau Brideau 


Jennette Beaudry* 
Therese Berard Beaudry 
Real Brunelle* 
Yvette Courtemanche* 
Prudence Gatineau Cook 
Marie-Ange Lafleche Peck 
yvette Lapierre Brunelle 
Therese Miller 

Roger O'Brien* 
Rachel Pleau Liese 
Andre Poirier* 
Gerard Robert 
Sr. Claire Robert 
Francois Trahan 


Laura Bachand Conrad 
Sylvia Beaudry Bialy 
Alice Belanger Cormier 
Jacqueline Bergeron Asselin 
Jeannine Blanchet Lambert 
Pauline Champigny Bacon 
Raymond Desrosiers 
Therese Fortin Motyka 
Carmen Gendreau Ryzewics* 
Margaret Gervais Bernadone 
Joan LaRochelle Corriveau 
Rev. Norman Jalbert* 
Jeanne Lacasse Sjostedt 
Constance Langlois Carey 
Sylvia Marand Leblanc 
Doris Martel Densten 
Sr. Lucille Martel 
Joan Paquin Laflamme 
June Proulx Trudeau 
Joanne Roy Desroches 
Shirley Therrien Bartlett* 
Claudette Trahan Marinelli 
Anne-Marie Trudeau Brodeur 
Daniel Won 


Roger Arsenault 

Jacqueline Beaupre* 

Aurora Bergeron Baxter 

Paul Bergeron 

Lorraine Binnette Croke 

Yvette Blanchette Desmarais 

Roland Boisvert 

Laurent Bourbeau, Jr.* 

Roger Brousseau 

Joyce Cormier Donohue 

Madeline Cournoyer Cotton 

Pauline Courtemanche Desroches 

Victor Despres 

Theresa Julian Lepam 

Leonard Lafleche 

Laurence Lavigueur* 

Nelson Leblanc 

Robert Leblanc 

Ann Leduc* 

Claudette Ouellette Genereux 

Anne Marie Payant Kelly 

Dolores Racicot Desrosiers 

Bernard Robert* 

Arthur Rousseau 

Jacqueline Seguin* 

John Seguin 

Donald St. Jean 

Pauline Trahan G if ford 



Mariette Bellerose Bergeron 
Beatrice Bernard Despres 
Jeanne Boudreau Houghton 
Charlotte Bourbeau McClinchy 
Jeannine Cloutier Gemme 
Donald Coutu 
Constance Dufault Beaulieu 
Jeanne Freniere Renaud 
Lucille Gendreau Tremblay 
Sylvia Cregoire Berthiaume 
Alfred Hevey 

Barbara L'Heureux Caffegan 
Constance LaFleche Proulx 
Annette Lapierre DiBonaventura 
Gerald Marand 
Marguerite O'Neil Girard 
Ann Marie Normandin Aho* 
Richard Patenaude* 
Diane Phoenix Duffy 
Pauline Picard Stearns 
Paul Proulx* 
Robert Proulx 
Lorraine Roy Cournoyer 
Laurie Saulnier Schoen 
Renee Thibaudeau Hickland 
Richard Williams 


Pauline Ayotte 
Lorraine Brunell Laeuter 
Rosaire Charland 
Donald Charpentier 
Armand DeGrenier 
Raymond Cyr* 
John Despres 
Gloria Dumas Rousseau 
Annette Duval Despres 
Gloria Farland Regep 
Thomas Forcier 
Ronald Gaumond 
Richard Giguere 
Lucille Gouin Trahan* 
Joseph Guay 
Judith L'Ecuyer Toscano 
Estelle Lacasse Rooney 
Phyllis Langlois McDonough 
Dolores Lavalle Rousseau 
Norman LeDoux 
Patricia Marand Kinnunen 
Gertrude Paquin 
Diana Pariseau Boisvert 
Lorraine Payant Thibodeau 
Gloria Proulx Cousins 
Pauline Racicot Tremblay 
Ronald Richard 
Cecile Roberts Wells 
Edwina Tardif Hevey 
Joan Trahan Marinelli 
Johanne Trahan McDonald 
Paul Trahan 


Louise Beaupre Robida 
George Bellerose 
Anne Marie Berard Perreault* 
Constance Bernier Parent 
Nancy Bonnette* 
Constance Bonneville Lee 
Judith Bouchard Grant 
Robert H. Boulanger 
Rita Carmel Berry 
Pauline Cloutier 
Ronald Corriveau 
Gloria Craite Sterling 
Rachel Cyr Cloutier 
Doris Delage Bertrand 
Pauline Delage Lareau 
Donald Dufault 
Annette Duff Gagne 
Jacqueline Dupre O'Brien 
Beatrice Fournier Wilga 
Jean-Paul Gadoury* 
Andre Gauthier 
Janet Goudreau Halley 
Madeleine Haling 
Frederic Hetu 
Vivian Lafleche* 
Paul Laliberte 
Sr. Louise Lataille 
Pauline Lavallee* 
Raymond Lavallee 
Elaine Leblanc Fuller 
Ronald Leblanc 
Robert Mathieu 
Anne Marie Maynard 
Pauline Payant Ludwig 
Beatrice Pion Socha 

Maurice Poirier 

Doris Proulx Dehay 

Ronald Proulx 

Wette Racicot Dwyer 

Paul Senecal 

Celine St. Germain Stuckey 

Paul St. Pierre 

Therese Therrien Orlowski 

Mildred Tucker dinger 


Rachel Beaudry Lavallee 
Germaine Bergeron Renaud 
Roger Bishop* 
Louise Bonnette Caouette 
Gloria Boucher Costa 
Gerald Caplette 
Donald Cournoyer 
Paul Cournoyer 
Richard Cournoyer 
Pauline Desmarais Proulx 
Donald Forcier 
Rev. Roland Gamache* 
Louise Garceau Guertin 
Jacqueline Gaulin Roncaratti 
Marguerite Giguere Bartlett 
Diane Giroux Latour* 
Lorraine Goulet Marcoux 
Yvonne Guillemette Romiglio 
Therese Jolie Caplette 
Norman Lafrenais 
Ann Marie Lariviere Tadlock 
Celine Lazure Courtemanche 
Sandra Lesniewski Rynard 
Albert Levesque 
Dons Lippe Cournoyer 



Carol Macuga Lavallee 
Donald Mandeville 
Dorothy Maynard Provost 
Sandra Miller Laliberte 
Rose-Marie Morneau Kupiec 
Ann Marie O'Neill Dorighi 
Louise Peloquin Campbell 
Rachel Picard Mandeville 
Robert Provost 
Armand Trahan* 
Carol Young Ferron 


Dr. Kenneth Allard 

Elaine Bachand Rusczyk 

Jane Beausoleil Wenninger 

Michael Benoit* 

Joan Binette Morse 

Paul Boulanger 

Pauline Brousseau Livingstone 

Constance Cardm Champney 

Elaine Collette Mullins 

Suzanne Cournoyer Cirard 

Nancy Dugas Boulanger 

Edward Farland 

Muriel Faucher Johnson 

Lorraine Gamache Robidoux 

Jane Caumond LaPorte 

Carol Cauthier Anglim 

Romeo Gauthier 

Lucille Gendreau* 

Roger Giroux 

Constance Godro Hartling 

Madeleine Gregoire 

Robert Guertin 

Joan Huard Hefner 

Madeleine Hetu Small* 
Richard LaPorte 
Jeanne Lapierre Lazure 
Armand Levesque 
Cecile Livernois Anctil 
James Martel 
Alice Morin Langlois 
Elaine Parent Curran 
Jeanne Parent Dawber 
Diane Poirier* 
Robert Provost 
Shirley Provost Pearson 
Richard Roy 
Raymond Savoie* 
Ronald Senecal 


Louise Allard Ferron 
Nancy Bachand Guilbault 
Constance Berger 
Madeleine Blinn Richard 
Joyce Bouchard Reichard 
Jeanne Brodeur Gregoire 
Jeanne Caron Turner 
Beatrice Daigneault Stanley 
(Anne) Louise Despres Bolduc 
Pauline Gadoury Bedard 
Janet Gouin Guertin 
Theresa Goulet Robertson 
Robert Haney 
Suzanne Jalbert Newman 

Nancy Langevm Acree 
Judy Langlois Stevens 
Pauline Lapierre Skadeland 
Robert Lataille 

Pauline Lazure Prunier 

Alice Martin Golden 

Pauline Maynard Masse 

Constance Morin Trombley 

George C. Proulx 

Pauline Renaud Lachapelle 

Donald Richard 

Louise Roy Barden 

Robert Servant 

Carol St. Onge Baldarelli 

David Stevens 

Diane Trahan 

Carmen Vandal Kastberg 

Elaine Vandal DeMenezes* 

Pauline Won Borden 


Olivia Anctil Jalbert 
Shirley Arpin Moore 
Elizabeth Asselin Silvestri 
Roland Belanger 
Sr. Janice Belanger 
Paula Berthiaume Roy 
Robert Bertrand 
Barbara Bonnette Moquin 
Nadine Carrier Fowble 
Jeanne Chenier Snow 
Diane Cournoyer McNeil 
Louise Cournoyer Kaczmarski' 
Robert Despres 
Jacqueline Dupre Watson 
Carmen Fafard Tremblay 
Roger Farrand 
Jo-Anne Gauthier Lavallee 
Pauline Grzembski Foskett 
Doris Jolie Marchessault 


Janet Lamarine Higgins 
Albert Landry 
Rachel Lataille Madison 
Robert Lavallee 
George Leduc 
Sr. Muriel Lemoine 
Francoise Leo Jacques 
Carol Lesniewski Carmel 
Jane Lesniewski 
Norman Lorange 
Jean-Paul Marchessault 
Fr. Luc E. Martel, A. A. 
Dr. Robert Ouellette 
Brig. Gen. Richard Ouellette, 
USMC (Ret.) 
Roland Parent 
Janet Payant Guertin 
Cheryl Pinel Caouette 
Dorothy Remillard McFarland 
Marie Segum Grinstead 
Margaret Trahan Farrand 
Suzanne Trudeau Yvon 
Pauline Valcourt Fontaine 

* Deceased 




Paul Arsenault 
Priscilla Bernier Forand 
Norman Boisvert 
Lucille Bonnette Carter 
Carol Boulanger 
Suzanne Caron Tryba 
Bernard Corriveau 
Robert Cournoyer 
Claudette Dufault Tardif 
Raymond Dupre 
Pauline Dupuis Maramo* 
Susanne Ferron Proulx 
Monique Fontaine Carter 
Suzanne Fournier 
Gertrude Gamache Livernois 
Jeanne Gendreau Benoit 
Marguerite Giroux Baum 
Gerald Henault 
Julianne Hetu 
Marie Houle Konicki 
Jeanne Huard Arsenault 
Joanne Jolie Cotton* 
Jean Krehling Paquette 
Madeleine Lacasse Lamothe 
Florence Lamontagne 
Robert Lamothe 
Vincent Larochelle 
Alice Lariviere Renaud* 
Paul Lataille 
Roland Lataille 
John Lawson 
Ann Leduc Dahlin* 
Gerald Levesque 
Irene Livernois Cierpich 
Anne-Lee Martin Boynton 

$ G © * * a 

*# % $ • f 

Suzanne Morm* 
J.Perry Nuckle 
Diane Paquin Lavallee 
Suzanne Proulx Shumway 
Patricia Richard Jacquart 
Celeste Vandal Rivernider 


Henry Bishop 
Ronald Boisvert 
Norman Bonin 
Diane Cardin Ames 
Joanne Delage Dunn 
Judith Despres Dion 
Richard Dion 
Jeanne Dumas Zamiska 
Paula Galipeau Skonieczny 
Ernest Gregoire 
Louise Guerin Ravenelle 
Leo Guevremont* 
Louise Hamelin 
Fr. Robert Jalbert 
Elizabeth Jolie Jolie-Reddick 
Celine Lafrenais Chamberland 
Jeanne LePage Solomon 
Paul LePain* 
Judith Leduc Carmel 
Richard Lemoine 
Roger Lemoine 
Sylvia Lesniewski Leduc 
Alphonse Levesque 
Paulette Lippe Theodoss 
Joanne Lorange* 
Lorraine Lussier Eno 
Susan Mathieu Bourdelais 
Judith McDonald Hetu 

t t « 

Alice Morin Croke 

Clara Nichols Kachinski 

Bro. Robert Nichols* 

Theresa Proulx Johnson 

Richard Ravenelle 

Linda Renaud Lewandowski 

Louise Renaud Bates* 

Lorraine Renaud Burke 

Robert Ryczek 

Howard Sarty 

Yvette Saulnier LaVallee 

Sandra Senecal Hebert 

Patricia St. Laurent Hemingway 

Madlyn Trudeau Berthiaume 

Nancy Williams Hefner 


Eugene Bacon 
Jeanne Beaudry Metivier 
Jacqueline Bernard Holden 
Judith Blair Nally 
Elaine Boisvert Pender 
Cecile Bourdelais Steglitz 
Alice Bousquet Lazure 
Louise Caouette Diman 
Elaine Castonguay Leduc 
Lea Claypoole Lariviere 
Raymond Desautels 
Ronald Dion 
Joyce Dragon Metzger 
Carol Ethier Pappas 
Leo Farrand 

Rev. Norman Gaumond* 
Claire Gauthier* 
Raymond Gauthier 
Anita Goudreau Boiteau 

Cosette Guilbeault Batis 
Michael Guillet 
Robert Houde 
Therese Hudon Carll 
Peter Janeczek* 
Gail Julian Splaine-Belanger 
Yves LaRiviere 
David LaRochelle 
Leonard Lamothe 
Therese Langlois Ozaniak 
Madeleine Laporte Brouillard 
Marie Laporte Lavallee 
Anne Lataille Olszta 
Francis Lavallee 
Leonard Lazure 
Paul Lazure 
Richard Lazure 
Hilda LeBlanc Cohen 
Linda LeClair McCusker 
Claire Leduc Benoit 
Lynne Lefebvre Bertrand 
Rachel Lefebvre Marchisin 
Russel S. Lesniewski 
Susan Madore Arsenault 
Robert Metivier 
Paul Pinsonneault* 
Laura Proulx DiBari 
Jeanne Renaud Fitts 
Jacqueline Servant Hemeon 
Carol St. Laurent Fournier 
Frances Stevens Kennedy 
Constance Tourville* 
Pauline Trahan Trahan 
Elaine Tremblay Rondeau 
Charles Wright 
Victor Rochon* 

* Deceased 



Suzanne Archambeault Kane 

Stanley Astukiewicz* 

Suzanne Bernard Pare 

Lucille Blais Lafleche 

Patricia Blanchet Roix 

Paul Brodeur 

Denis Casaubon 

Rev. Roland Chenier* 

Carmen Cournoyer* 

Diane Cloutier Lesinski* 

William Cournoyer 

Patricia Couture Lariviere 

Lucille Cyr 

Judith Donais O'Hearn 

Charles Drazba 

Lucille Dumas 

Suzanne Ethier Cournoyer 

Elizabeth Gauthier Caulin 

Madeleine Cibeault Hebert 

Paul Giguere 

Elaine Grzembski Sansoucy 

Diane Guilbault 

Susan Guillet Saad 

Alfred Houde 

Suzanne Huard Labarre 

Bernadette Hudon 

Patricia Labonte 

Suzanne Lacoste Faille 

Lucille Lafleche Houde 

David Lamontagne 

Madeleine I Lamothe Caldwell 

Pierre Lariviere 

Therese Lataille Renaud 

Jacqueline Lavallee Ashe 

Raymond Leduc 
Paul Lepage 
George Letourneau 
Therese Livemois Burton 
Patricia Lyons Corey 
Sandra Menard Julian 
Claire Petit Cram 
Sally Richer Krow 
Louise Seguin 
Christine Servant Milner 
George Servant 
Roland Servant 
Suzanne Servant 
Cecile Suprenant 


Paul Arpin 

Julianna Bastien Matys 
Richard Benoit 
Douglas Beu 
Joanne Boisvert 
Nelson Boiteau 
Lorraine Bonnette DaDalt 
Nancy Boulanger 
Lucille Bourassa Dionne* 
Madeleine Brodeur Stevens 
Bruce Caouette 
Gerard Caouette 
Yvonne Caouette Tortis 
George Carrier 
Alice Clark Todd 
David Dion 
Ronald Dragon 
Gerald Dumas 
Joanne Durocher Guillet* 
Dianne Fournier Benjamin 

Elaine Gaulin Brown 

Gloria Gaumond Boisvert 

Robert Gervais 

Susan Hebert 

Kathleen Hoffman Mayotte 

Gerald Huard 

Paul Jalbert 

Celeste Jourdenais Cloutier 

Charles Julian 

Robert Julian 

Joseph Kudzol 

Pauline Landry Servant 

Richard Langevin 

Kenneth Larochelle 

Judith Lesniewski Jones 

Marguerite Livernois Menard 

Diane Lucier Moores 

Paul Mathieu 

Bernard Perry 

Louise Pinsonneault Guillet 

Nancy Plasse Scarsella 

Norman Plouffe 

Ernest Proulx 

Patricia Reynolds Caouette* 

Carole Ryczek Racicot* 

Pauline Servant Julian 

Jacqueline Spenard Castonguay 

Joyce Tetreault Matteau 

Brenda Tittle Martin 

William Tittle 

Jacques Trudel 

Susan Trudel Thomas 

Norma Varin Rannigan 


Jeanne Ayotte 

Marie Bellerive Neulieb 

John Bibeau 

Louis Blanchette 

Paul Carrier 

Yvette Chamberlain 

Donald Collette 

Janine Cournoyer 

Louise DiGregorio Althenn* 

Anne Marie Gagnon Pohl 

Diane Gagnon 

Therese (Terry) Garon Dacey 

Susan Gaulin 

Therese Giguere Breaux 

Pauline Guertin Anctil 

Francis E. Hoffman* 

Frances Hudon Lacasse 

Claire Julian Langevin 

Jacques LaRiviere 

Alfred Lafleche 

Paul LeBlanc 

Bernard Martel 

Donald Parent 

Richard Pilotte 

Susan Pinsonneault Maher 

Robert Plouffe 

Jeanne Poiner Smith 

Anne Marie Proulx 

Nancy Reynolds Fitzgibbons 

Michele Seguin Chase 

Darleen Senacal Chapdelaine 

Paul Tourville 

Linda Vaillancourt 



Class Reunions Over The Years 

ards Library 
. Main St. 
ibridge, MA01550 

m m 

Class of 1939 

Class of 1944 65th Reunion 

Class of 1954 50th Reunion 

Class of 1957 35th Reunion 

Class of 1957 50th Reunion 

Class of 1958 50th Reunion 


Class of 1959 

Class of 1960 30th Reunion 


\ « 


4T . 

Class of 1960 35th Reunion 

Class of 1960 45th Reunion 

R fl 

MB L 1 Fi 


9 1H1 III 


Class of 1961 21st Reunion 

Class of 1961 40th Reunion 

Class of 1962 45th Reunion 

Class of 1968 40th Reunion 


We're glad you could come to our 50th! 


Notre Dame High School Class of 1961 

October 7, 8 and 9th, 201 1